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Services Description Servive cargo lift

Goods lift service is a repair or maintenance for goods lifts so that in their operations they are suitable for use, this goods lift service includes repairing damage to the lift system both electrically and mechanically, considering that the lift system is very complex, it requires special experts to carry out repairs and maintenance, damage in ordinary machines, it often occurs in consumer parts such as seling and barke canvases for maintenance, usually only lubrication of the wire rope. For electrical automation, all limit switches and control panels are maintained, while for mechanical checks for safety brakes periodically to ensure that they work when there is an intermittent emergency or broken chain.

In general, our service and maintenance is carried out every 3 months for periodic maintenance, a service contract should be carried out for maintenance, with periodic maintenance it is ensured that the freight elevator is always ready and safe to operate, considering that this lift is a category of lifting and transportation equipment, all procedures  must be followed. conform to existing specifications.

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