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CV. Jalabuana Mandiri (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

JALABUANA MANDIRI is a specialist and supplier service company for electrical crane products and crane manufacturing contractors who are very competent in their fields.

We are supported by an experienced team and experts. We provide the best service, a solutive solution to all problems with various needs related to overhead cranes and their derivative products. As for the various products that we handle, such as Hoist Cranes, Elevators of goods, Overhead cranes, Dubwaiters and service crane fabrication services

We are always ready to become partners and partners to serve every need for our products in a fast, precise and sustainable manner, as well as prioritizing service oriented which is a priority and commitment to each and every customer, after sales service will guarantee guarantees for our products, prioritize professionalism and always provide and present quality products.

Entrust your Crane and Heavy Equipment Fabrication to Jalabuana Mandiri,
because we will provide the best service and service. Your satisfaction is the main thing.

Entrusting your Crane Construction & Fabrication to Jalabuana Mandiri, Jalabuana Mandiri strives to serve and satisfy customers with quality products and competitive prices

Jalabuana Mandiri - Trusted Crane Hoist Fabrication
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◉ Website : www.cranehoistliftbarang.com
◉ Official Office : Perumahan Mojokopek, Taman Wisata Regency Blk. B No.42, Driyorejo, Gresik, Jawa Timur


Memberikan manfaat yang baik dan positif bagi coustomer, karyawan secara khusus dan masayarakat pada umumnya bertumbuh menjadi tinggi bertambah menjadi besar untuk mencapai kesejahteraan bersama.


Menjadi solusi yang solutive, profesional, jujur dan berintegritas


Perum. Taman Wisata Regency BB-42 Gresik 61177
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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